Rodent extermination

I can’t rate Pete at Dunn and Dusted Pest Control highly enough. He is professional, genuine and clearly cares about his customers and their welfare. He came out to help us with a suspected mouse problem in our home in Cheltenham in Jan 2022 and we found him extremely helpful and very knowledgeable. The advice he gave us to help fight the little critters was invaluable. If you have a pest/rodent/insect problem, Pete is 100% your man!

Alex Bradley

Flea & mite extermination

From the initial contact to the customer service aftercare, it’s been a real pleasure doing business with Pete. He is a genuine gent who will put himself out to help you sort out what ever problem you have. I cannot praise Pete enough and highly recommend him. Many grateful thanks from a very satisfied customer.

Alli B

Extremely responsive

Cannot recommend Pete enough, he is so thorough with his job and really makes you feel at ease. We had a slight mouse problem due to open vents at the exterior of the house and we like others felt very uneasy. Pete was at the end of the phone in between his visits and found the root of the problem very quickly, he has even come back to our property to catch up free of charge to make sure all is ok. Extremely responsive and is definitely your man if you have a pest problem. Thanks Pete!

sadie freeman

A great cost effective service

Called Dunn & Dusted regarding a wasps nest next to where I had to work. Peter said initially he didn’t want to take money from me as the nest would soon become inactive – honesty for you. As I had to carry out work immediately I asked Peter to visit and after a few hours he arrived and swiftly treated the two nests. Within a couple of hours not a wasp in sight but Peter guaranteed that if they were still there he would return. A great cost effective service that I would recommend to anyone

Ian Green

Rodent extermination

Amazing service, very professional and friendly. He made me feel a lot better about the issue. Very well priced. Great service! I will definitely use him again if we have any pest issues in the future!

Amy Buckley

Flea & mite extermination

We have book mites in our house and although Pete put my mind at rest that they are harmless, he also appreciated that I was uncomfortable having them around so after giving me some great advice to get us started on removing these little pests from our home, he then came and did a fog treatment to knock them down and give us a chance to get on top of the problem. They will be back, such is the nature of these insects in a renovated property, but Pete was so professional and such a lovely man, we will be happy to have him back for the next treatment and as long as we follow the tips he gave us, I know we’ll win the fight against them! We would definitely recommend Dunn & Dusted Pest Control.

Lj L

Hornet & wasp extermination

We contacted Dunn and Dusted Pest Control as we have a problem with wasps at the bottom of the garden. Pete arrived when he said he would and was highly professional and informative. On his advice we have set up some ‘traps’! I would highly recommend this company and will willingly use them again if needed.

Ruth Airdrie

Hornet & wasp extermination

We called Dunn and Dusted with a wasp nest problem at 6pm. We are so impressed Pete came to us within one and half hours and dealt with the problem in a very professional way. We were very impressed and would have no problem recommending him at any time. Thank you Pete

Barbara Sutton

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